PRSSA SLC trip recap

Updated: Mar 18, 2018

PRSSA had the opportunity to visit its professional advisor Debbie Ostrander, who is the communications director for Intermountain Healthcare (IHC), and also Lt. Gov. Spencer J. Cox at the Utah Capitol on Tuesday.

PRSSA first stopped by the Key Bank Tower in City Creek to visit IHC's central office. Ostrander has close ties to Utah State as she formerly worked and lived in Logan and taught PR Writing in the JCOM department. In Ostrander's presentation, she gave an overview of IHC's mission, its communication efforts and the overall success the company has had within Utah. Ostrander was also able to give helpful advice about careers, school and communications.

"Align with a company that you are passionate about and are all in for because that will make all the difference for your career,” Ostrander said.

Furthermore, students were able to hear from IHC's central communications team including Tina Murray, who is the corporate communications manager, Collin Searle who is the marketing and social media manager and lastly, Clay Allen, who is the marketing and national brand manager.

After PRSSA's visit at IHC, the next stop was the Utah State Capitol. PRSSA had the extremely fortunate opportunity to have a session with Lt. Gov. Cox.

An avid fan of the Utah Jazz and a social media favorite, Cox shared a little bit about himself and how he presents himself on social media. Cox said how he believes staying true to yourself, especially within politics, leads to success and a happy state of mind. He said how an important aspect to his career and family is giving back and engaging in as many service opportunities as possible - which his current position allows for. He said how although he is not a fan of President Donald Trump, his social media presence has created attention and a new way to look at politicians.

Cox described how his social media presence first started when his hometown was threatened by fires in 2012, and he utilized Facebook to keep the public updated about the real facts of what was going on. Lastly, he also mentioned how his main demographic for his Twitter followers were millennials.

Check out PRSSA's social media accounts for more pictures and quotes from the trip.

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