Executive Board Elections

Rules for Running

  • Must be a PAID member of PRSSA

  • Must be a student for the full 2019-2020 school year

  • Must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher

  • Have been present at PRSSA activities and events 

  • Must present a 2 minute speech at election meeting (April 2nd)

Voting Rules 

  • Only PAID members can vote

  • Voting will take place during election meeting on April 2nd

Officer Descriptions


The President is to oversee everything happening within the club. The President also is in charge of managing thank yous and correspondence, have monthly meetings with Deb Jenson, post agenda 24 hours prior to meeting. Welcome students into PRSSA and working with other officers to make sure tasks are being accomplished. This is the toughest role, however, President of PRSSA looks amazing on a resume. 

Vice President

Both the Vice President and the President work on the Banquet committee along side with Deb Phillips. The Vice President is also in charge of assisting the President with all that they are in charge of. If the President is absent, the Vice President takes his/her place. The VP is also over any reports and does a focus group to grow the club. Producing annual reports is another objecting of the VP. 

PR/Social Media Manager

The PR/Social Media Manager is to oversee Social Media and make sure anyone in the Social Media class running social media is completing their tasks and keeping the public informed. In addition to social media, he/she will produce recruiting materials and help others to attend events, and is to update the promotional board/calendar in the JCOM office.


The Secretary of PRSSA keeps track of everything that happens in each meeting help by PRSSA as well as sending notes to each member officer and posts meeting minutes. The Secretary is also in charge of field trip paperwork and holding a contact list for the club. In addition, Secretary normally sends out an email to teachers and students in regards to certain events.


The Treasurer is in charge of collecting field trip/meeting money and giving it to Deb Jenson or Deb Phillips. The Treasurer is also in charge of the Chair annual fundraising event. He/She has the opportunity to work side by side with the Social Media Director to make this happen. Last but not least, the Treasurer is in charge of the semester financial report. 


Historian is in charge of the History of PRSSA. They should remember events and help PRSSA officers to use those same types of ideas in other events. They are also in charge of photographing events and keeping memories current. Along with these tasks, the Historian is in charge of the list of internships and students who served in each of these internships. 

All members should work with each other to make the club an excellent experience and to continue to grow each year.